Encaustic (wax painting) Fine Artist

Corinne Arnaud

Corinne Arnaud's art inspires and uplifts. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, her abstract art exudes European culture.

Apex Artist Management is proud to have her as a client.

Celebrity Photographer, Videographer and Director

Tim Sabatino

Tim has photographed Hollywood celebrities and advertising campaigns for international companies as well as directed and filmed commercials for them.

Apex Artist Management is proud to have Tim Sabatino as a client.

Celebrity Vocal Coach

Jeannie Deva

Jeannie was a world renowned vocal coach, vocal producer, educator, published author and singer with a four octave range. She coached Grammy winning singers, trained voice teachers and helped tens of thousands of singers worldwide with her innovative and effective vocal method. This inspirational being enhanced the lives of countless others before departing her body in January 2016.

Apex Artist Management is honored to be the posthumous custodian of her incredible legacy.