I am very excited about the inception of my new company - Apex Artist Management (Apex AM for short). Managing the talented Jeannie Deva for 25 years taught me a thing or two about business, the music industry, publishing and working with artists.

Her passing in January 2016 was a big loss to us all. Her spirit of empowering artist along with her brilliant vocal method live on as her legacy which I am honored to custodian. Fortunately, Jeannie trained some very talented singers to be certified as Deva Method vocal teachers. With their help, we will continue to make available her breakthrough vocal method and publications. As CEO of Jeannie Deva Enterprises, Inc. I will continue to keep Jeannie Deva's legacy alive to the benefit of singers everywhere.

As the CEO of Apex AM, which is actually a subsidiary company of Jeannie Deva Enterprises, I will use my training, experience and connections to assist other talented artists with their careers.

Tim Sabatino is such an artist. He is a talented professional photographer, videographer, director and fine artist. I'm excited to be working with him. He has an impressive curriculum vitae in the film, advertising and entertainment industries which you can see on

In the same way that Jeannie Deva did with singing and vocal performance, Tim has amassed a wealth of knowledge about art, photography and related fields and wants to pass it forward. Apex AM is here to help him do that.